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It’s finally arrived! The second expansion is here! It adds some thrills and special rules and introduces the most infamous threat of all: serial killers!

Detectives might be finding themselves facing this dangerous menace and when this will happen, they will have to act quickly to solve the case or the serial killer will simply vanish without leaving any trace.

Enjoy this new mechanics, tho and stay tuned for all the upcoming feature in the near future!

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Tabletop Talks writes about CSL

In the monthly Talk about tabletops called Spring Season Selections, Tabletop Simulator developers wrote about CSL: CRIME SCENE LUDUS and I couldn’t be prouder! You know, I’ve spent a great amount of time developing CSL. And I tried to craft the best I could.

I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of solving mysteries. Crime mysteries, above all. And I also always loved board games, especially party games so I decided to put two of my loves together and see what might happen. Well, what I came out with is what I was seeking for: a true crime generator, based on cards to be drawn, dice to be rolled, and tokens to be placed on the board.

What I wanted to realize was a “rule engine” which could generate a genuine crime to solve and put players inside the crime scene, providing all needed elements to let them have fun in creating a story which could link all the clues and proofs. Also, part of the idea was to create a game which might work both like a tabletop and a party game at the same time. First half of the gameplay sees players dealing cards, rolling dice and placing tokens.

The second half has players trying to solve the mystery by inventing an original story that could explain what really happened.I started with the backbone of the rules and then I added things and parts to it to see what worked and what not. It took me quite some time but the end result was satisfying.

Not only that: Tabletop simulator was essential. Truly essential. You see, when you have an idea and you want to create something out of it you need to start playing the very first draft of the game. Then you need to refine it by balancing cards, adding some dice or throwing away some tokens. Usually all this is done with paper, glue, scissors and pens, like at school. And usually this is the most hard and time consuming part. To balance and literally “see” the game while still half in your dreams.

From this angle, Tabletop Simulator is a game changer, by providing leverages and tools for me to work with.It helped me visualize the game at the very first stages. I can safely say I started developing this game entirely with Tabletop Simulator. I have a very strong need to see something in order to start creating things that work so I immediately started using Tabletop Simulator to create CSL: CRIME SCENE LUDUS.

It all came naturally. I started adding the first kind of cards, then some dice, then some tokens. The more I designed it with Tabletop Simulator the more I loved doing it. It completely removed the frustration related to iterations and continuous rule-and-piece changing. I find Tabletop Simulator a must have and a saviour. It helps visualize and test your game immediately when you’re in the design phase.

The launch process just followed by. Having done all the design with it, launching the game on Steam’s Workshop was a piece of cake. Also, its features provide a simple and easy-to-use update of contents which allows me to introduce new features and expansions.

With all this being said, you understand I’m very proud to be in their monthly Spring Season Selections Talk. I’d like ti thank the devs for this. And I really look forward to introduce new expansions for CSL. There are already two of them available. CSL: DAMN FINE COFFEE and CSL: SERIAL KILLERS have been the first expansions to be added to the base game. However, I plan to add at least two more, CSL: CRIMINAL INTENT and CSL: WRAPPED IN PLASTIC. As usual, If interested, you can find more info by having a look at the Roadmap.

Well, I’m happy. More than happy actually. And this fuels my engines to improve CSL even more.

What a splendid day this is 😉


Today CSL: CRIME SCENE LUDUS introduced its very own roadmap where you can find news about all the upcoming expansions and what lies ahead of us in term of game development!

So, feel free to visit it and read it. Stay tuned for the next big expansion, CSL: SERIAL KILLERS!

Another expansion is coming!

I’ve been working on the second expansion for a while now and I think that CSL: SERIAL KILLERS is now almost ready to be launched on Steam. I’m still working hard to polishing the new rule PDF, tho.

As soon as it will be OK I’ll update the game on Tabletop’s workshop and give it a go! Can’t wait to introduce you to the world of serial killers, guys!

Not only that. I’m also already laid down things for another couple of expansions (which should be named CSL: CRIMINAL INTENT and CSL: WRAPPED IN PLASTIC).

I can barely wait to put them on Steam too. These are thrilling times, my friends! Thrilling times!

New Website

Today CSL: CRIME SCENE LUDUS gets a brand new website in which you can find every info and resource related to your beloved investigation game. So keep digging and find the new rules, the news, the updates and even more contents!


The first expansion is here with so many new cards (scenes and proofs) and a brand new mechanic: alibi! Enjoy!

CSL: DAMN FINE COFFEE is the first expansion for the base game, which adds a new mechanic. While this is the very first time CSL: CRIME SCENE LUDUS gets an improvements, I’m are really excited to bring you so much new contents which will expand the way you play this game.

A small update

While waiting for the first expansions to hit TableTopSimulator, CSL – CRIME SCENE LUDUS just received a Quality of life improvement. New Features: added 2 new boards, added 9 notes for detectives to write down ideas, added a coin and updated rules.

Working on the first expansion

I’m actually working on the first expansion titled SERIAL KILLERS. I find it… intriguing. I’m almost finished laying down the new rules. Time to create the new cards and dice.

New Subscribers!

CSL – CRIME SCENE LUDUS reached 59 subscribers! I can’t tell properly how much I’m grateful! Thanks to everyone playing it!

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